Massachusetts Taekwondo & Breaking Association

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2018 Massachusetts State
Breaking Grand Championships

Date: Saturday, February 24, 2018

Tournament Location: St. Stan's School
534 Front Street, Chicopee, AM 01013

Mailing Address: Center For Martial Arts & Fitness
22 Center St., Chicopee, MA 01013

Breaking Events

USBA/WBA - Creative Multi-Directional Wood, Power Wood (Hand, Elbow & Foot),
Power Concrete (Hand, Elbow & Foot), High Jump and Power Concrete Side Kick 

All Martial Arts Styles Are Welcome. We run a family-orientated, highly competitive tournament that is great for the experienced athlete or the first time competitor.  We are here to make your competitive experience a positive one!

                                           Early Registration Deadline - Must be postmarked by Feb 1, 2018
Same day registration or after early registration deadline, please add $10.

Entry Fee is $5 per person. (Children under 12 are Free!)

Competition Rules

USBA/WBA Breaking Events include:

Creative Multi Directional Wood, Power Wood (Hand, Elbow & Foot - spaced)

Power Concrete (Hand, Elbow, Foot), Speed (10 second), Double Elbow

Materials must be pre-ordered.  All boards are $2.50 each, blocks are also $2.50 each.

Board Sizes: Kids 7 & under 6x12x1/2" - 8-12 yrs 10x12x5/8" - 13 & Up 10x12x1"

We will have boards available for creative breaking on site (all sizes and demo boards available)

Creative Breaking Rules: Beginner/Intermediate (4 stations) - Advanced BB (8 stations)

1 station may a single break, simultaneous breaks or multiple break in the air.  The air kicks must be after second foot leaves the floor and before the next foot touches the ground.  Spacers may be used.  Competitors have 3 minutes to set up, complete and clean up their break.  Your time starts from "Begin" and stops when you are finished setting up.  Time resumes when you break your first board and ends when your ring is clean.

Power Breaking Rules: 1 strike to break as many pine boards as you can. Carpenter pencils are used as spacers for spaced events (all events under 18 use spacers).  ALL POWER BOARDS MUST BE PRE-TAPED.  Competitors may set up their stands (we will provide concrete blocks) before the 5 minute, set up time limit is started.  When time is started, competitors and a helper stack their wood or concrete and call your name and "Time" to signal you are done setting up.  USBA Ranking comes into play because it is a sanctioned event and competitors with more points get to go last in order.  There is an advantage to going last because you know exactly what you need to do to win. 

Download Complete USBA/WBA Competition Rules
 (Please read)


Age & belt divisions may be combined to create more competitive events.

Beginner and intermediate divisions may be combined, as well as advanced & black belt divisions.

The schedule for the day is as follows:

8:00 - 9:30 am: Registration and material pick up

9:30 am: Opening Ceremony & Overview of Rules

 10 am: Tournament WILL BEGIN PROMPTLY for youngest divisions first

We will have a concession with drinks and snacks on hand for you to purchase.

           Please note that adult divisions may start sooner if a ring opens up so please arrive early                to pick up your materials and be ready for your divisions to be called.

 All proceeds from the tournament (including $0.50 per board sold) will be donated to 

​the Alzheimer's Association Of America